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Friday, June 20, 2014



(Thinking like a mom), I would just add to make sure your family is rested and prepared. There's nothing to distract me like a stressful Sunday morning! And nothing to make my notes more like chicken-scratch-working-to-stay-awake than a too-late Saturday evening! I've heard these tips from parents along the way:
-lay out everything (down to diaper bags and matching socks) the night before
-try doing the same breakfast every Sunday, storebought cinnamon rolls and fruit or whatever! Takes the guesswork out.
-Get up earlier than you think you need to (you never know what might happen)
-Strive to leave earlier than you need to
-Prep Sunday hospitality the night before and let guests bring something if they offer -- or move hospitality to a different day or night of the week if that's more doable for your season

I am a poor example of excelling in my own advice here, but there it is - for me, I soak up way more teaching when my heart is calm, my family is peaceful, and we aren't running around like crazy people!

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